In the history of our noodle manufacturing business, Yugatrade Sdn. Bhd. has always put the health concerns of our consumers first. As such we have successfully introduced a variety of innovatively-flavoured and exclusively-packaged instant noodle products setting a trend in the noodle industry in Malaysia. Known for its ‘simply delicious, totally wholesome’ edge, the aptly-named INA branding has carved itself a niche in the rapidly-growing fast food market and Yugatrade Sdn. Bhd. is ready to promote our brand appeal to overseas markets by constantly improving our products and services in view of the future.


Using quality mixing and feeder machines with easy human interface in our noodle manufacturing process gives our noodles that unique flavour and texture. Our recipes for mixing flour and other ingredients helps and so does our biaxial mixing machine and compound rolling machines managed and supervised by staff with strong cooking skills experience in the procedure of noodle manufacturing. For the enjoyment of our customers, we are researching on our pre-mix production techniques so as to create more flavours for our customers’ pleasure.

Quality Noodles Manufacturing

Over the tears our operations have grown more dedicated and today, we have professional standards qualifications and are well noted for our superior grade noodles by demand. In offering the highest quality noodles, Yugatrade Sdn. Bhd. use premium quality grade raw ingredients with self-imposed high standards to ensure that our customers get quality noodles in each and every pack we produce.


Yugatrade Sdn. Bhd. is committed to accomplish the mission of spreading the distinctive noodle culinary culture to a diversified ethic community in the country through INA instant noodles. Our distribution will bring the great taste of INA noodles to as wide a market as possible with long-term growth strategies in continually striving to raise the standards of quality and brand awareness to an ever-widening audience.